‘Stalk me to the end of love’: Intimacy and affections in hyper surveilled digital spaces

Jaseff Raziel Yauri-Miranda, University of Deusto
Victoria Catalán Ascaso, University of the Basque Country


This article contributes to sousveillance and affections studies by the use of electronic devices. It presents two artistic experiences that construct affections and interpersonal relationships through the use of smartphones. “Stalk me to the end of love” is an invented application that reappropriates the mechanics of dating apps such as Tinder, Lovoo, and OkCupid. It uses images from any other apps installed on the phone to establish a link between anonymous people. It allows someone to admire and be admired, being an open window to others’ digital intimate space. At the same time, “ToDo LoVe Club” is a sousveillance 'ritual' for hybrid, mutants, and perpetual cybernetic beings. It consisted of a participatory performance based on speed dating in which people allowed strangers to access their phones for two minutes. Both experiences revealed that many affections were redefined by the way each person engaged with their phones, the digital interfaces, and the attempt to create a profile in the process of stalking others. Moreover, these experiences revealed that accessing an intimate space was like entering a new territory, sometimes familiar yet ‘dangerous’, redefining personal ideas on anonymity, identity, and intimacy.

Keywords: sousveillance, affections, intimacy, speed dating, love